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50 Shades of… RED?

The differences between reds and purples


We asked our Customer Service Department for some help on this blog topic.  What are customers asking for?  What feedback were the reps getting?  And we found a common issue for many of our customers and prospective customers is trying to determine the differences in the many shades of red that are available for team colors.

When it comes to ordering bags, buying batting helmets and batting gloves, many players want to match their team and show off their team colors.  Some coaches require that players wear specific colors on the field, but not all coaches More >


Two Peas in a Pod: The Star-Spangled Banner & Professional Baseball

The Star-Spangled Banner, our nation’s anthem, is proudly sung before each MLB baseball game – some performances more memorable than others of course.  However, when looking at all of the performances throughout baseball history, it is easy to forget that our national anthem was written 200 years ago!  The history of the Star-Spangled Banner in baseball is set apart from other professional sports – which may seem fitting since baseball is considered America’s pastime.  What better song to represent a sport so rich in tradition than our own national anthem?  Here’s a quick look at the history and fun facts More >