HomerunMonkey Receives An EXCELLENT Rating for Customer Service From STELLAService

We were so excited to find out that HomerunMonkey.com was recently awarded an EXCELLENT rating by STELLAService. Who are they? Well, we STELLAService is an independent company that evaluates the customer service performance of online stores. They navigated our site, conducted usability tests, ordered and returned products and communicated with our Customer Service reps through phone, email and live chat.

We actually didn’t even know that we were being evaluated until the results came in. So, we thought we’d let you know so that you can celebrate with us!

Learning Basic Skills: Fielding Grounders

Fielding grounders is probably one of the most basic maneuvers in baseball and softball, but is often a hard concept to grasp for beginners. We’re not going to talk about the grounders that rip past you with no time to think or react. Rather, we’ll discuss the more typical type of grounder. Most grounders will come to you at a medium to slow speed, depending on your position. These grounders tend to give you a bit of a reaction time.

Coaches teach four basic things for fielding grounders (these tips are for beginners): (1) Get in front of the ball and More >

Learning Basic Skills: How to Play Pickle

Pickle (also known as a Hotbox or Rundown) is a baseball situation, and popular kid’s game, that actually has nothing to do with food. Instead, “pickle” in this instance describes the difficult situation you may find yourself in when stranded between 2 bases with on of the basemen in possession of the ball.

Teams should practice successfully getting out of the pickle (for runners) and successfully foiling the pickle (for the fielders). To set this up, either practice directly on the field, or place 2 bases 20-30 feet apart. This drill will help runners build up their anticipation and base running More >

Baseball/Softball Glove Buying Guide

Choosing an appropriate baseball glove or softball glove is not necessarily as difficult as it may seem at first. When selecting a glove, there are many factors to be considered. Field position, level of play and preferred features will all play an important role in your decision. Gloves differ in size, amount of padding, webbing, pocket depth and more. Below, we explain what each feature means to a player.

When choosing a glove, it is always best to try it on first. If you prefer to buy online, you should still shop around to find the brand, size, style and options More >

Frank McCourt Is Crying Dodger Blue!

As of Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Bud Selig announced plans to take over the management of the Los Angeles Dodgers stating that the move would protect the best interests of the Club, its great fans and all of Major League Baseball. Joe Torre, the former Dodgers’ manager and current MLB Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, said Commissioner Bud Selig conferred with him before announcing that Major League Baseball was taking control of the club.

On October 14, 2009 it was announced that owners Frank and Jamie McCourt would be separating after nearly 30 years of marriage. While each claim that the More >

Did You See HomerunMonkey On “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Last Night?

Homerunmonkey.com: Proud sponsor of an episode of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” TV show!

The home makeover, filmed in February 2011 and aired last night, Sunday, April 17, 2011, started on a baseball field in Wichita with approximately 2,000 volunteers in blue shirts ready to start working. The Hall family was surprised with the news when Ty Pennington himself showed up with other Extreme Makeover designers.

Homerunmonkey.com donated several thousand dollars worth of batting helmets, gloves, baseball bags and batting racks for the episode of the television show to benefit the Carl Hall family. The former Wichita State Shocker baseball player, along More >